This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Marmotta - Marmotta Client Library

Marmotta Client Library

A convenient option to use Apache Marmotta for Linked Data development is to build applications based on its Client Library and a standalone Marmotta Server. The Marmotta Client Library provides an API abstraction around the Marmotta Web Services and is currently available in Java, PHP, and Javascript. While each language-specific implementation retains the same general API structure, the way of accessing the API functionality is customised to the respective environment, so that e.g. a PHP developer can access Marmotta in a similar way to other PHP libraries. No in-depth knowledge of RDF, Linked Data, or Apache Marmotta is required.


The library provides the following functionalities:

  • Configuration: reading and updating the Marmotta system configuration
  • Resource Management: retrieving, updating and deleting resources and associated content/metadata
  • LDPath: querying Marmotta and the Linked Data Cloud using path expressions or path programs
  • SPARQL: querying and updating the Marmotta using SPARQL 1.1 Queries/Updates
  • Reasoner: uploading and removing rule programs