This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Marmotta - Getting Started

Getting Started

This tutorial targets developers who want to build Linked Data applications on top of Apache Marmotta.


There are several options to get and install Marmota:

Then you should take a look to some configuration details.

Initial steps

Once you got Marmotta running, there are some basic things initially you may want to take a look :

  • Import your data: RDF and non-RDF formats are supported.
  • SPARQL your data: Full SPARQL 1.1 support including querying and updates.
  • Control your data: The Dataview gives an overview on the current data in the system.
  • Manage your user accounts: The user module allows creating and managing user accounts.
  • Inspect your tasks: The task view shows you running tasks.