This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Marmotta - Marmotta Loaders

Apache Marmotta Platform: Loaders

Marmotta provides standalone module to bulk load RDF files into the supported backend. Using a Marmotta Loader, you can bypass the the Marmotta platform and directly connect to the backend.

KiWi Loader

Bulk RDF loader for KiWi triplestore (marmotta-loader-kiwi).

NOTE: pre-3.2 versions require exclusive access to the database!

Easiest usage is to provide Marmotta Loader with a from an existing Marmotta instance. DB-Connection and Base-URI will be loaded from the config file and can be overwritten using cli-parameters.


java -jar loader/marmotta-loader-kiwi/target/marmotta-loader-kiwi-3.3.0.jar  -h

usage: MarmottaLoader -a <archive> | -d <dir> | -f <file> [-B <backend>]
       [-b <base>] [-c <context>] -C <connect>  [-D <property=value>]
       [-h] [-I] [-j | -z] [-s <statistics>] [-t <type>] [-U <user>] [-W
       <password>] [-w]
 -a,--archive <archive>         input archives(s) to load (zip, tar.gz)
 -B,--backend <backend>         backend to use (kiwi)
 -b,--base <base>               base URI to use for resolving relative
 -c,--context <context>         URI of a context to add the statement to
 -C,--connect <connect>         JDBC database URL used by KiWi to connect
                                to the database
 -d,--dir <dir>                 input directories(s) to load
 -D <property=value>            set configuration property to value
 -f,--file <file>               input file(s) to load
 -h,--help                      print this help
 -I,--drop-indexes              drop KiWi database indexes before
 -j,--bzip2                     input is bzip2 compressed
 -s,--statistics <statistics>   collect statistics and write a graph into
                                the file given
 -t,--type <type>               input format to use for parsing (MIME
                                type) in case auto-guessing does not work
 -U,--user <user>               database user used by KiWi to connect to
                                the database
 -W,--password <password>       database password used by KiWi to connect
                                to the database
 -w,--write-csv                 write to disk the latest csv batch
 -z,--gzip                      input is gzip compressed

Ostrich Loader

Bulk RDF loader for Ostrich, experimental triple store backend implemented in C++ based on LevelDB (marmotta-loader-ostrich). See MARMOTTA-621 for further details.


TitanDB Loader

Bulk RDF loader for TitanDB (marmotta-loader-titan).


HBase Loader

Bulk RDF loader for HBase (marmotta-loader-hbase).


BerkleyDB Loader

Bulk RDF loader for BerkleyDB (marmotta-loader-berkeley).