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Apache Marmotta - Platform - LDCache

Apache Marmotta Platform: LDCache

Marmotta comes with a dedicated module managing LDCache for the platform, allowing you to add different chache configurations over the registered LDClient data providers.


The configuration is done by defining endpoints, as the following screeshot shows:

LDcache endpoints configuration


  • Name is the name you want to give to the new endpoint.
  • Kind/Provider is the LDClient provider you want to use to cache data.
  • Prefix defines a regular expression that the target resources must match.
  • Enpoint (optional) specifies where the resource will be requested (see the example below).
  • Mimetype (optional) defines the expected mimetype for those requests.
  • Expiry Time sets the resources’ expiration time (in seconds) for the cache.

By default the platform already comes with some providers ready to use:

  • ld cache uses another Marmotta instance as cache backend.
  • none/NONE backlist resources that should not me cached.
  • linked data is the default one, which just directly requests the resource.
  • regexuri allows you to perform basic URI rewriting before requesting the resource.
  • sparql retrive via SPARQL DESCRIBE queries the resources.

New LDClient provider can be added to the launcher. Please, take a look to the LDClient Support Modules in case such abstract base classes would be useful to implement your custom data providers.


The following example specifies a new LDCache endpoint to retrieve DBpedia resources using SPARQL:

LDcache endpoint example configuration