This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Marmotta - KiWi Triple Store

KiWi Triplestore

The KiWi triple store is a high performance transactional triple store backend for OpenRDF Sesame building on top of a relational database (currently H2, PostgreSQL, or MySQL). It has optional support for rule-based reasoning (sKWRL) and versioning of updates. The KiWi triple store is also the default backend for Apache Marmotta. It originated in the EU-funded research project “KiWi - Knowledge in a Wiki” (hence the name).

The KiWi triple store is composed of a number of Sesame Sail modules that can be combined and stacked as needed. Currently (Apache Marmotta v3.0), the KiWi triple store offers the following modules:

Versioning and Reasoner only work with a KiWi store as parent Sail, i.e. they cannot be used with other Sesame backends. Transactions, Context-Aware Sails, and the Triple Table support classes are in principle independent and can also be stacked with other storage backends.